A visit with an IBCLC will greatly benefit you and your baby's feeding journey. 

All visits are confidential

Prenatal breastfeeding/infant feeding education

Detailed medical history of you and your baby 

Observe a feeding either at breast, with a bottle or while pumping
(Don't feel you need to wait to feed your baby until I arrive, go about your routine as normal)

Weighted feeds - I do have a scale

Functional anatomical assessment of baby (Lip & Tongue assessment)

Assessment of baby's function at the breast or bottle

Hands on assistance with breastfeeding, pumping or bottle feeding

Breast pump assistance and flange fittings

Education and support 

Personalized written plan of care 

Referrals and follow up care

Oral Restrictions 

I'm trained to assess lip and tongue ties or "restrictions" in your infants mouth. I will check your infants oral function and overall feeding experience by observing a feeding and doing an oral assessment. I can help you choose if a "release" would be beneficial to your baby. I go over what a release procedure is like and educate on needed "after care" post release. I will send referrals to the pediatric dentist of your choice. I require a Follow Up visit 1-2 days post release to check release sites, help with stretches/aftercare and make sure the procedure went well. 

Check your insurance for coverage!


"Kim saw me after my baby and I had seen multiple others within the lactation support community without making any progress. At the time I was feeling defeated and unsure of what my breastfeeding journey would look like with my son. She took an extensive look at his mouth and his ability to latch at breast and bottle, we even talked about my own comfort with pumping around the clock while also exclusively nursing his twin. She offered so many great suggestions and helped fix a few things while we were there. One super simple suggestion she had helped my son significantly with latching. All this to say, I highly recommend Kim and if you're thinking about giving up, don't just yet! Give a visit with Kim a try first. Her knowledge is great and she's very warm and welcoming, I felt comfortable every step of the way."

"Kimberley is amazing! We have seen her two times already and scheduled a third visit and looking forward to it. Her package deals are also nice as they cover everything in one visit and all one cost. My son had a lip and tongue tie and she diagnosed right away. Also had good tips and recommendations on latching l, pumping building milk supply and much more! I would recommend her to anyone!"
"I found Kim through a quick Google search, as I had a preemie who lost over 10% of her body weight and had some issues latching. Kim came to my house and assessed my latch and my daughter's mouth and gave us tips and tricks to help us through. Kim is very knowledgeable and checks in frequently and even sent a short video on how to ease my daughters gas pains, worked immediately. She made me feel comfortable and more at ease with nursing. I couldn't recommend her enough!"