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"Embracing Lactation was recommended by my midwife and I’m so glad I contacted Kim. She was easy to get a hold of and schedule with, she came right out to meet me and my son at our home. She also verified my insurance would cover our visits 100% before I even had time to think about that piece.Unbeknownst to me, my newborn had a lip and tongue tie, with such a shallow latch it was nearly impossible to nurse. He was dropping weight, and I was experiencing significant nipple trauma. Kim identified the lip and tongue tie, and helped me schedule a revision with a local doctor.She also put together a comprehensive care plan to ensure we did all we could to make the frenectomy effective and get our breast-feeding journey back on track. We’re so grateful for her guidance during this scary process.Not only is Kim a very knowledgeable resource, she’s a lovely person. She followed up the entire time offering support and encouragement. She made a huge difference in our outcome and I am so pleased to say my baby is chunking up and growing strong."