What to Expect
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What to expect at your consultation

What happens during your consultation with me? A few things...

Feeding observation either at breast, with a bottle or while pumping
(Don't feel you need to wait to feed your baby until I arrive, go about your routine as normal)

Prenatal breastfeeding or infant feeding education

Detailed medical history of you and your baby 

Weighted feeds

Functional anatomical assessment of baby (Lip & Tongue assessment)

Assessment of baby's function at the breast or bottle

Hands on assistance with breastfeeding, pumping or bottle feeding

Breast pump assistance and flange fittings

Education and support 

Personalized written plan of care/feeding plan 

Referrals and follow up care

All visits are confidential 

Areas of Experience

Exclusively Pumping - Specialty 

Sore Nipples

Cracked or Bleeding Nipples

Nipple Damage

Breast Pain


Clogged Ducts or Blebs

Low Milk Supply or Oversupply 

Weight Gain Issues

Bottle Issues/Bottle Refusal 

Returning to Work

Pain While Pumping

Flange Sizes

Pump Set up or Pump Settings

Food Intolerances or Fussy Baby

Diaper Output Concerns
Triple Feeding


Lip & Tongue Ties 

And More!

Exclusively Pumping

I specialize in exclusively pumping and breast pump selection. This steams from my journey as a gestational surrogate in 2019. I pumped exclusively for over 18 months and donated over 10,000 ounces to local families and milk banks. 

I offer detailed flange fittings and have extensive knowledge on pumping products. I can help set up your pumping schedule, pumping at work, milk supply concerns, increasing you milk supply and much more. If your looking to donate or ship milk I can help set you up with a milk bank and shipping instructions. I also have an array of pumps for you to "try before you buy." Look for my exclusively pumping consult to get support. 

Lip & Tongue Ties

I'm trained to assess lip and tongue ties or "restrictions" in your infants mouth. I will check your infants oral function and overall feeding experience by observing a feeding and doing an oral assessment. I can help you choose if a "release" would be beneficial to your baby. I go over what a release procedure is like and educate on needed "after care" post release. I will send referrals to the pediatric dentist of your choice. I require a Follow Up visit 1-2 days post release to check release sites, help with stretches/aftercare and make sure the procedure went well.