Resources & Coupons

Local resources for families and product discount codes*

La Leche League, Monadnock

Kim is a La Leche League Leader in NH and leads meetings for mothers and children looking for free mother to mother support in breastfeeding. Visit our Facebook page here

NH Lactation Consulting

Kim is a provider with New Hampshire Lactation Consulting. This is a collaboration between Private Practice International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) in New Hampshire. Visit there website for more info.

NH Breastfeeding Task Force

The New Hampshire Breastfeeding Task Force is a charitable, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to protect, promote and support breastfeeding through education, outreach and advocacy. Visit their website here

Prolacta Bio Science & Milk Bank

I encourage mothers who are looking to donate milk and looking for compensation to donate to Tiny Treasures Milk Bank, a branch of Prolacta Bio Science that provides milk for micro-preemies through out the US. For more information on how to apply click here

NH Breastfeeding Support Facebook group

This is a great group for families looking for free advice on breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding. To join the group click here

Evolution Chiropractor

Matt is a great pregnancy and infant chiropractor located in Keene NH. I frequently refer clients to him for body work. Contact Evolution Chiropractic here

Energy Healing with Katherine

My sister offers virtual and in-person Reiki sessions for families. Reiki is a non-invasive holistic healing modality that originates from Japan and focuses on balancing the 7 main chakras. To schedule a session visit

Monadnock Doula

Looking for a local Doula? Jenna brings strong support to families in the birthing process, postpartum and she offers support in healthy foods during pregnancy and postpartum. She serves families in the Monadnock region. Please contact her here

Devoted Doula

Kizzy is a Doula located in Francestown NH. She offers birth support, postpartum support and is a lactation educator. To learn more about Kizzy visit her website here

Ahava Doula Services

Jessie is a birth and postpartum Doula in the Boston area. I love her all inclusive vibe and birth experience. You can learn more her practice here!

Postpartum Doula

Another local Doula, Jess! She is an experienced mom now offering postpartum and newborn care to the area. Contact her at Phone: 6035624972

Sacred Sunshine Birth

Nikki Sunshine provides holistic services to women in all stages of their family planning journey. She is trained in several methods of birth support, helping to provide clients with comprehensive care. Her specialty is natural childbirth support for families in the home setting. Check out her website to see all of the services that she offers!

Jumpp Chiropractic

George provides chiropractic care to families in Manchester NH. You can find out more about his practice here.

Children's Dentistry of Dublin NH

I frequently refer clients to this pediatric dentist for tie releases and more. Contact Dublin Children's Dentist here

Community Dental, Claremont NH

I frequently refer clients to this pediatric dentist for tie release and more as well. Contact them here


I frequently refer clients to Maymom for self flange fittings and access to more flange sizes! Visit

LaVie Products

I frequently talk about LaVie products and encourage mothers, especially pumping moms, to use the LaVie massager to remove clogs and have better milk output. Use code KIMBERLYJ10 for 10% off any product!

Pumpin Pal Flanges

These have to be my favorite flanges! I recommend them to all pumpers because of the unique design and comfort. To order a set visit the website,

BeauGen Cushions

These are great inserts or cushions for your pumping flange to create a smaller opening. I recommend them for moms with elastic nipples and those who are having discomfort with pumping. Use code kimberlyann for 15% off your first purchase.

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags

I love these bags! Not just for pumping, they would work great for a diaper bad. She also offers cold packs, wet bags and a luggage bag specifically for moms who are pumping and traveling. The prints are to die for! I recommend the Sarah Wells bags to all my pumping moms. Use code Kimberlyj15 for 15% off.

Freeze it Flat

If you have a freezer stash of milk and its overflowing... then you need Freeze it Flat! This mom creates this product to freeze milk bags super super flat in order to create more space in your freezer for milk! She is also a traveling pumper and loves using her product on the go. Use code kimberlyAnn10 for 10% off.

*Kim does make a small commission on the coupon codes but they are FREE to use!